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Pre-made Mulch Colorant - Color Selections

Florida Coastal Colors Premium mulch colorants provide superior color strength, longevity to UV exposure, as well as consistency through the use of our automated colorant dosing system. With our full palette of colors, we are sure you will find the product suitable for your customer’s demands.  If for some reason you cannot find a color to your liking, let a person from our sales team know your desire and our lab can formulate a custom color for your application. 



kroma red

Kroma Red

sunset red

Sunset Red

vivid red

Vivid Red



chocolate brown

Chocolate Brown

dark brown

Dark Brown

walnut brown

Walnut Brown


Espresso Brown

cherry brown

Cherry Brown

midnight brown

Midnight Brown






Raven Black


More Colors

cypress orange

Cypress Orange

cypress gold

Cypress Gold

phthalo green

Phthalo Green

phthalo blue

Phthalo Blue

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