The FCC Vmax 300 coloring system offers three hundred yards per hour of continuous, fully colored mulch.

The design of the Vmax 300 is superior to other forms of coloring systems such as trommels, and other ribbon style mixers due to its extra long mixing chamber of 24 feet. This allows full coverage with minimal water usage. It also sets itself apart by its robust construction, using AR (Abrasion Resistant) steel for the mixing tub, and paddles to provide extra long life to parts that normally have short life spans on similar coloring systems.

It is also very operator friendly. All machines come standard with a level sensor mounted inside the hopper to start/stop the mixing auger, colorant pump, and water supply simultaneously when mulch is below the low level setting. When mulch is added above the sensor point, the mixing auger, colorant pump and water supply is turned back on.

With a 1 year full factory warranty, robust construction, and low price, the FCC-Vmax 300 is sure to be a workhorse for many years.